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As an added value investor, Capricorn also focuses on properties with the potential for improvements contributing to their sustainability, as a way to increase their value. A main goal is to attain “A” or “B” energy efficiency labels in all of our properties. This requires upgrading buildings so they can be cooled and heated in a more environmentally friendly way. In some instances, this might include the replacement of traditional cooling and heating technology through the installation of heat pumps, or may include the installation of solar power panels.


In addition, selective refurbishment to older properties with the replacement of outdated technology by installation of thermally efficient windows, lower-power LED lighting, and modern systems are often an integral part of our business.


Finally, the sustainability of Capricorn’s properties can also be enhanced by external improvements which add positively to tenants’ experience as users, and to the immediate neighbourhood. These may include handicap accessibility, bicycle storage, vehicle charging facilities, façade redecoration (like “green walls”), and landscaping.

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