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About Us

Capricorn Capital Group is a private investment & management office investing for its shareholders and investors in direct real estate, being; residential (development), student housing (development) and care (development).​


Capricorn Capital Group operates with a team of senior professionals with an extensive background in the banking, real estate and legal sector, from offices in Basel (Switzerland) and Utrecht (The Netherlands).​



Capricorn was established in 2011 in The Netherlands and comes forth out of a Family Office based in Basel, Switzerland.



The main function of Capricorn Capital Group is that of a private investment & management office for its shareholders and a small group of (co-)investors, where it invests with a long investment horizon. Depending on the specific investments, we invite selected investors to (co-)invest along with Capricorn. In some cases we will act as investment/ transaction/ asset manager for our (co-)investors, depending on the deal and the investment size.


Investment Focus

​Our main focus is to add value to our investments, by providing hands on management. A short term sale or exit is not the main aim for our investments; we look at the long-term value added where we first and foremost make our investment decisions based on the strength of the cash flow.​


Capricorn is a long term investor and has an investment horizon of 10 year or more,. We have no pressure to achieve private equity or hedge funds returns and also will not be forced to exit our investments in the short to mid-long term.​


Capricorn geographically focuses on acquisitions in West and South Europe, in specific; The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, although we look at the merits  of each deal on a case-by-case basis.


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